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Teeth Cleaning Services in Toronto

Why We Recommend Regular Preventative Cleanings

There are 700 reasons.

700 is the number of species of bacteria that inhabit the space between your gums & teeth as well as throughout your mouth. Disrupting the bacteria every three to six months with a thorough, professional cleaning prevents the toxins, gases & acids these bugs produce from causing damage to your gums and jaw bone.

Reason 701.

Keep in mind that the bacteria are not only segregated to your mouth. They travel throughout your circulatory system including your brain. For the last 25 years the science has shown that these bacteria damage the cells that line the arteries that line your heart. Which can lead to the hardening of arteries.

Bottom Line is That Our Dental Hygienists Care About Your Overall Health

The team of Dental Hygienists at BloorWestSmiles Dental are highly trained, licensed oral health care professionals who have each been treating the clinic’s patients for well over 10 years – meaning our patients have been able to establish a relationship with their hygienist. Their prime objectives are the maintenance of good oral hygiene and are trained to spot the early warning signs of gum disease and oral cancer. They also act as counsellors and advisers in developing oral health care programs and giving advice about diet and lifestyle to their patients.

What to Expect From a Dental Hygienist Appointment?

Oral Hygiene Assessment

Our hygienist will start by reviewing your medical and dental history to assess there are no medical conditions that could affect your treatment. A thorough assessment of your head and neck assessment, tongue, gums, teeth and other areas of your mouth is conducted and any areas of concern will then be discussed with your dentist and/or family physician.

Scaling (Professionally referred to as Periodontal Debridement)

The hygienist begins by removing plaque and calculus build-up. This can be done using hand instruments or a vibrating ultrasonic instrument.

Stain Removal & Polishing

Following the scaling, your teeth are polished to remove any remaining stains. This is done with polishing paste and a polishing cup.

Fluoride Treatment and Desensitization

Fluoride is used to strengthen teeth and can decrease the cause of demineralization of the hard tooth enamel. There are also many other agents that can be used to desensitize them.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Based on the condition of your teeth and gums, your dental hygienist will customize an oral hygiene program for you between visits and may advise on other oral health matters, such as lowering sugar intake and smoking cessation.

Mouth-Guards/Sport Guards

Mouth-guards or sports-guards are a protective piece of equipment for your mouth. This resilient plastic guard can be used for many different kinds of sports, such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, skateboarding, gymnastics, biking; or any activity that might result in an injury to the mouth. The hygienist will take impressions of your teeth; and in about a week you can pick up your custom fitted mouth-guard.


Sealants are a resin material that fills deep grooves on the biting surface of the premolar and molar teeth. This will help lower the chance of the teeth getting decay. This preventative measure isn't for everyone; ask the hygienist if this treatment is right for you.

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