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Emergency Dental Clinic and Dentist Services in Toronto

Emergency Dental Clinic When you bear critical professional attention, you want an original dental platoon( Bloor West Village, Etobicoke, West Toronto) with plenitude of exigency experience. Rest assured that you can reach the understanding staff at our exigency clinic anytime dental problems arise. You'll always be suitable to speak to someone who cares about and understands what you're passing. Whatever your dental emergency is, call us now: 647-371-1407

Same Day Appointments With Our Emergency Dentists!

For extremities or critical care, movables are stylishly made by calling our dental clinic( rather than in the morning) or coming in person. Let us know how soon you can arrive so that we can plan for your requirements. For after-hours assistance, our answering machine will give you further directions. Don’t wait; call your family dentist immediately.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Having a Toothache

If your mouth is swollen, apply a cold compress to the outside of your cheek. Never put aspirin or any other anodyne against the epoxies near the paining tooth because it may burn the goo towel. Call our Toronto dentists straight down for exigency care.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

When possible, save any pieces that you can find. Rinse your mouth with warm water, including any broken pieces. Still, apply a piece of reek to the area for about 10 twinkles or until the bleeding stops, If you’re bleeding. Apply a cold compress to the outside of your mouth, impertinence, or lip near the broken/ minced tooth to keep any swelling down and relieve pain until you arrive at our dental clinic.

Knocked-out Tooth

After you retrieve your tooth, hold it by the crown (the part usually exposed in the mouth), and rinse off the tooth root only if it's visibly dirty. Don't drop it or remove any attached towel fractions. If possible, try to put the tooth temporarily back in place before seeing us. Make sure it's facing the right way, and never force it into the socket. Your tooth being girdled by natural tissues helps ameliorate the chance of saving it. For your stylish chances of saving a knocked-out tooth, place it back into the socket within 1 hour of it being knocked out. However, put the tooth in a small vessel of milk( or mug of water that contains a pinch of table swab, if milk isn't available) and bring it to our practice, If it's not possible to reinsert the tooth in the socket. In all cases, Contact our emergency dentists immediately!

Losing a Filling or Crown

As a temporary measure, stick a piece of sugarless gum into the cavity (sugar-filled gum will cause pain) and then call our Emergency Dentist, Bloor West, for directions on what to do next. Never attempt or try to fix your tooth by yourself. Store your restoration in a zip-top bag for crowns and bring it to your appointment.

Broken Orthodontics Brackets or Wires

Still, lingo or goo, try using the eraser end of a pencil to push the line into a more comfortable position, If a line breaks or sticks out of a type or band and is poking your cheek. However, cover the end with orthodontic wax and a small cotton ball if you can not budge the line. Never cut the line, as you could end up swallowing it or breathing it into your lungs.

Loose Brackets and Bands

Temporarily reattach loose braces with a small piece of orthodontic wax. Alternatively, place wax over the braces to provide a cushion. If the problem is a loose band, save it and call our emergency dentists immediately to have it re-cemented or replaced.


Abscesses are infections or viruses that occur around the root of a tooth or in the space between the teeth and epoxies. Abscesses are a serious condition that can damage towels and girding teeth, with the infection conceivably spreading to another corridor of the body if left undressed. Because of the serious oral health and generic health problems that can result from an abscess, see us incontinently, especially if you discover a papule- such like swelling on your goo that generally is painful. In the meantime, to ease the pain, rinse your mouth with a mild salt water solution (1/2 teaspoon of table salt in 8 ounces of water) several times a day. Apply ice to the swollen area right away.

Bleeding or Pain after Extractions

Slight bleeding after an extraction is normal. Clots usually form within one hour if you follow your dentist's post-op instructions. Place a thick gauze pad over the extraction site and apply pressure by biting the gauze. Wet a tea bag, place it on the extraction site, and bite on it. Avoid rinsing, drinking or eating for at least one hour following the extraction. After 24 hours, rinse the area with warm salt water (1/2 tsp. salt in 8 oz of water) after eating to keep the site clean. Avoid sucking, spitting, and smoking.

The Importance of Finding an Emergency Dentist in Toronto

When it comes to dental emergencies, people tend to delay them. Most people dread taking a trip to a dentist. Unfortunately, putting off your emergency can be a recipe for disaster.

Why You Need to Find an Emergency Dentist Quickly

The Pain Can be Overwhelming

Dental aches are one of the maximum extreme varieties of pain. It can prevent you from eating, sleeping, and talking. If the pain is too much, you might not be able to function. With the help of a dentist, you can alleviate that pain. Why suffer more than you need to? Not having your dental check-ups on time can only cause more problems. When you get help as soon as possible, you can limit your pain and suffering.

You Can Prevent More Serious Complications

By heading to an emergency dentist, you can prevent situations from getting worse. Many dental emergencies start out as minor issues. If they are left untreated, they can actually become fatal in the worst-case scenario. Abscesses are a prime example. At the very least, they can leave you with cosmetic issues. Instead of waiting until the last minute, you should seek the opinion of a dentist. The fix might be easier than you think. In the end, your quick thinking can save you from a serious procedure.

You Need Someone with Experience

A dentist who has experience with emergency dental work knows how to get the job done. Rather than heading to a general practice, you should visit an experienced emergency dentist in Toronto. You’ll get to work with someone who is used to the many challenges of emergency dental care.

Tips for Choosing Your Dentist

Not all dental practices offer emergency dental work. If you experience a dental emergency, you need to find a dentist in your area who has experience. Here are a few tips for choosing the right one:

Look for the Best

It’s important to choose a dentist with a good reputation. This requires a little research. Even though time is of the essence, look online for reviews from past clients. Whether you use social media or sites like Yelp, you can learn a lot from reviews. Look for dentists that have multiple good reviews and a stellar reputation. You deserve a dentist who will treat you well and who can get the job done. As you look through reviews, remind yourself to take everything with a grain of salt. Don’t put too much emphasis on a single review. Instead, look at all of them as a whole. If most of the reviews echo the same thing, you should believe it. Likewise, multiple negative reviews that complain about the same problem should be a warning sign.

Choose an available dentist

You never know when an emergency will occur. For that reason, you need an emergency dentist with good availability. He should have a 24/7 phone line that he can respond to. If he doesn’t pick up when you have an emergency, he won’t do you any good. Before you pick a dentist, find out about his availability and his policies for emergencies. Learn what he considers an emergency and how much he charges for the service. You need a dentist who will be available and who will treat you. If he isn’t available, you’ll be scrambling for a new dentist. You might not have the time or the patience to look for another dentist.

Only work with dentists who have a high-quality of care

When you have a dental emergency, you need a dentist who will be thorough. In some cases, you might only need an exam. On the other hand, a serious emergency could require a procedure. Find out how a dentist handles emergencies. A good emergency dentist in Toronto will check your medical history and give you a thorough exam. Then, he will perform any necessary procedures. He should use the latest equipment and techniques to get the job done. As technology improves, certain procedures become simpler and better. If you work with a dentist who uses the latest technology, you can get better results. You might have a shorter procedure, less healing time, and a better cosmetic appearance.

Consider the cost

Although your choice of emergency dentist shouldn’t come down to the price, the cost should be a determining factor. Some practices charge astronomical fees for emergency services. Before you visit a dentist, look into the cost. Regardless of where you go, emergency dental work will be more expensive than regular work. That said, you should still consider the cost. Compare the rates of several emergency dentists. If one of them is much higher than the others, find out why. Keep in mind that your insurance should cover some of your dental work. If you have dental insurance, look for a dentist that is in-network. By doing so, you can save thousands of dollars. Make a few calls and find out how your insurance handles dental emergencies.

Look for a practice that values customer service

A dental emergency is a scary experience. When you work with a practice that has great customer service, you can make that experience less scary. Look for a practice that delivers service with a smile.

Our Emergency Dental Clinic & Services

Contact a member of our team if you're experiencing a dental emergency, and we'll bring you in for an appointment on the same day! For more information about our other dental services, click here!


  • Are emergency dentists the same as general dentists?

      While emergency dentists fall under the category of general dentistry, they have additional training to handle dental emergencies effectively. Most emergency dentists are regular dentists who have opted to receive specialized training in order to provide prompt and efficient care for urgent dental issues.

  • When should I see an emergency dentist?

      You should see an emergency dentist if you experience severe tooth pain, have a broken or knocked-out tooth, suffer from oral bleeding, have a dental abscess or infection, or encounter any other urgent dental issue that cannot wait for regular dental office hours. In addition, if you have a loose or displaced tooth, a severe dental injury resulting from an accident or trauma, or if you have sudden swelling or inflammation in your mouth, it is advisable to seek immediate attention from an emergency dentist. These signs indicate a need for urgent dental care to prevent further complications or alleviate severe pain.

  • What are the preventive measures to avoid dental emergencies?

      To prevent dental emergencies, maintain regular oral hygiene by brushing and flossing daily. Wear protective gear during sports, avoid chewing on hard objects, and address dental issues promptly. Additionally, maintain a healthy diet, avoid tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption, and keep your dentist's contact information readily available. By practicing these preventive measures and being proactive in your dental care, you can minimize the risk of dental emergencies and maintain optimal oral health.

  • How can an emergency dentist in Toronto help during a dental emergency?

      An emergency dentist in Toronto is equipped to handle various dental emergencies. They can provide immediate care for severe pain, bleeding, tooth loss, infections, and other urgent dental issues. They have the expertise and resources to alleviate pain, treat dental trauma, and offer prompt solutions to save teeth or manage infections.

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